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Video by: Desirae Moss Published on Jul 5, 2019

Summer City Hoops is a late-night basketball program designed to work with youth and adults in Evelyn K. Davis and Martin Luther King, Jr. Parks to build stronger, healthier, trustworthy relationships with neighbors, businesses, community leaders, and government.

In 2018, Summer City Hoops engaged more than 200 kids and adults each Thursday during the 10-week season – our volunteers contributed over 300 hours of their time.

Permanent lights are now at Evelyn Davis Park and are on each night until 10:00 – except on Thursdays for Summer City Hoops when they’re on until 11:00.

By actively involving kids in a program of exercise and fun, we’re helping them create healthier lifestyles.

Programs like this are only successful when they’re collaborative – that includes neighbors, nonprofit, and government…together building a program created by a neighborhood-driven idea.