About Urban Dreams

Since 1985, Urban Dreams has been providing Des Moines’ inner city and Central Iowa with a wide range of human service programs that break down barriers for underserved and underrepresented populations. Whether contributing to the neighborhood safety by building relations with the local police, providing mental health counseling, offering substance abuse recovery classes, or preparing individuals for college and the workforce, Urban Dreams is Here to Help!

With our home base located in the heart of Des Moines’ inner city, Urban Dreams is accessible to those who need it most. This area leads Polk County in families living in poverty, low wage earners, single-family households, high school dropout rates, ex-offender residency, gang participation, abandoned property, overall crime rates, and other problems too numerous to mention.

Urban Dreams collaborates with area churches, government, colleges and universities, and numerous other organizations and businesses who are mutually committed to the betterment of Iowa in general and central Iowa in particular. These organizations see their participation as an investment in the future of Des Moines and the state of Iowa.

Urban Dreams has been determined to be a publicly supported organization of the type described in Sections 509(a)(1) and l70(b)(l)(A (vi) of the Internal Revenue Code, exempt from income taxes pursuant to Section 501(c)(3), and this determination has not been revoked.